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Trilby and the GhostEdit

Trilby and the Ghost is a short story written by Ben Croshaw and published on his website here. It is a tie-in piece of fiction designed to give us a glimps of Trilby's work with the government but also gives us some keen insight into Trilby's personality.


The story is told from the point of view of Trilby.  He is sent out on a job for the Ministry of Occultism which we learn is commonly understaffed and he stumbles upon one of the most sentient and clear ghosts that the Ministry has even encountered.  The ghosts name is Greg and he had been killed in a slum fire.  He spirit is attached to his half melted computer and as is the case with most teenage boys, he has never kissed a girl and still longs to.  Specificially his MSN chat pal Nariko.  Trilby is not able to convince Greg to depart into the afterlife so he brings him into the Ministry for further study and to help him pass on to the next world.  He does so by bringing the computer with him and Greg is forcibly towed along.

Once in the ministry Trilby with the help of Claire who happens to be telepathic try to give Greg the experiences he is looking for so that he can comfortably pass on.  When this doens't work Trilby has the tech department figure out who Nariko is and where she lives in hopes that they can have her come in to sooth Greg into the next life.  It turns out that Nariko is a Texan man who had been catfishing. 

Trilby closes himself inside a broom closet to think.  A while later he comes to Greg and Claire and kindly speaks towards Greg about how amazing of a ghost he is, and that because of how unique he is, that he will be able to do his country a great service by allowing the Ministry to observe him in their lab.  Greg feels elated by this, and follows Trilby down the hall, only noticing at the last moment that the "lab" is really just the broom closet the Trilby had locked himself in and had drawn the necessary runes of a banashment circle in, causing Greg to be forced into the next world.

Claire comments that Trilby is a devious bastard but Trilby understands that that is why he was hired in the first place.