Threnody is a character who appears in Trilby: The Art of Theft. He is a member of The Company and the main antagonist of the game.


He first appears after the first mission. He ambushes Trilby and manages to photograph his face. He leaves Trilby an address for him to visit within the week, lest the pictures be released to the authorities.

Tilby later tries to break in The Company headquarters but is caught. Threnody leads Trilby's interrogation and tries to brainwash him but fails and Trilb escapes. They meet aggain when Trilby breaks to The Company headquarters for the second time. When Trilby wants to leave, Threnody boards Battlesphere and fights Trilby.Threnody attacks Trilby with three floating orbs. Trilby uses the tazer on his grolly (umbrella with grappling hook) to electrocute loose wires. After zapping all wires, Threnody yells at Trilby for killing them both. Trilby manages to escape headquarters before the explosion but Threnody is killed.