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5 Days a Stranger

Simone Taylor (1960/1961 - July 1997?) was a character in the first Chzo Mythos game, 5 Days a Stranger, as well as briefly in the third game, Trilby's Notes. She is murdered in her apartment sometime before the events of Trilby's Notes. She is likely an ancestor of William Taylor.


Simone was a correspondent for the BBC when coming to DeFoe Manor to film a documentary.

5 Days a StrangerEdit

Simone came to DeFoe Manor to film a documentary but arrived before her camera crew. She decided to take a stroll around the gardens but wound up shut inside the house along with three others: Andrew Jarvis, Phil Harty, and Jim Fowler. The events of 5DAS officially started when the house's fifth "guest", the cat burglar Trilby, arrived. See 5 Days a Stranger for more details. Simone was eventually possessed by the spirit of Sir Roderick DeFoe temporarily. She thought Trilby to be dead after he escaped the house a different way than the others.

7 Days a SkepticEdit

While Simone never appears in the game, her death is mentioned briefly in a letter from Trilby.

Trilby's NotesEdit

It is mentioned in the intro to Trilby's Notes that the events of 5DAS caused Simone to start drinking and eventually led to the loss of her job. In the first scene of Trilby's Notes, Trilby gets into her apartment room to try to protect her only to find her body lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood, dead before his arrival.


  • In the commentary for 5DAS, Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw says that she was the female protagonist of his first novel attempt, The Afterreich.
  • The Book of the Bridge says this on her: [describing the "family of thieves", aka the five people stuck in DeFoe Manor] "There was the Thief-Wife, who came to the house of the Bridgekeeper to corrupt the Bridgekeeper with her whorish ways and to travel the land of Technology spreading stories and lies of what she found."
  • The scene of Simone's death in Trilby's Notes was originally part of a different game, an early version of 7 Days a Skeptic that planned to continue the plot of the first game. Croshaw scrapped the project before it was completed and reformulated, although the scene used in Trilby's Notes is the only salvaged piece of work from the scrapped version.
    • The scene was also partially retconned from its original retelling from 7 Days a Skeptic. In the notes found in the game, Trilby writes that he had received word of Simone's death secondhand. However, in Trilby's notes, he is the one to initially discover Simone had been murdered in her apartment, leading to his arrest due to suspicion of murder.

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