Pliers image
A pair of pliers.
Vital statistics
Type Long-nosed
Effects Cause corpses to transform into avatars of terror before vanishing
Source Trilby's Notes
Cost to buy n/a
Cost to sell n/a

The pliers are an item in the game Trilby's Notes, which are found in the bar of the Clanbronwyn Hotel. Trilby describes them as "rusty but functional" when he retrieves them. On examining them he notes "flecks of blood dotting the jaws". Given the hotel's history in the World of Magick as a place of torture, it is likely this is what the pliers were used for.


Trilby retrieves the pliers from the hotel bar shortly after he is first transported to the dark world. They are integral to his return to the light world, as he must use them to gain access to the bathroom, and the Pills therein. A flayed corpse nailed to the doorframe (possibly that of Felicia) prevents access, but the pliers can be used to remove the nails holding the flayed corpse in place. (Trilby describes the pliers as "ideal" for this purpose.) Once Trilby starts to do so, however, the corpse disappears and is replaced with the Tall Man, who then vanishes. The pliers are thus integral to showing us that real-world solutions to problems remain relevant in the crazy world we find ourselves in.


  • Although the commentary mentions different descriptions for the pliers in the light and dark world, there is no way to get them in the light world.
  • The pliers vanish along with the Tall Man once Trilby has used them. It is unclear if he took them with him, or if Trilby (unwilling to hang on to a possible instrument of torture) discarded them once he no longer required them.

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