The Newspaper can be found sitting on the small table near the phone in the foyer of DeFoe Manor in 5 Days a Stranger.

Trilby notices that: "It's a copy of the local paper, dated last Friday."



Sir Clarence DeFoe, last of the long-running DeFoe line, was found dead yesterday in his home. DeFoe, 24, was found hanging from a tree in the front yard of DeFoe Manor.

His recent bride, Julia Swanson-DeFoe, was also found dead in the mansion, apparently stabbed to death.

Inspector Jacob Barnes, the officer in charge of the investigation, has closed the case. 'There's no mystery here,' he said. 'DeFoe killed his wife and then himself. We have already disproved the possibility of a third party.

Sir Clarence's solicitor, Michael Cheasham, however, has gone on record questioning the Inspector's judgement. 'The last I saw Sir Clarence, he was infinitely content. He would never have committed such an act. Plus there was no suicide note.'