Matthew DeFoe is the twin brother of John DeFoe and son of Sir Roderick DeFoe. His mother, Belinda, died after giving birth to John DeFoe, whom Sir Roderick bitterly resented as a consequence. Matthew therefore grew up with no knowledge of his twin, who was kept locked in a cellar, tied up with manacles. Trilby remarks, after having read Matthew's diary, that he may not have been "the sharpest knife in the drawer".

Role in the MythosEdit

Matthew grows up an effete child, interested in the arts - much to the disappointment of Sir Roderick, who has military ambitions for his son. As Matthew grows older he becomes aware of John's presence in the house, referring to him as "the boy behind the kitchen door". This is always strenuously denied by his father until, on Matthew's fifteenth birthday, Sir Roderick snaps: incensed by a recent incident in which an acquaintance accused him of buying the idol from a forger, and it being the anniversary of his wife's death, Sir Roderick is motivated by Matthew's mention of his unknown brother to go down into the cellar and kill his unwanted son. Matthew follows him down and witnesses John's death at the hands of his father, bludgeoned with the possessed idol. Matthew attempts to bandage his brother's wounds as best he can, but John, now infused with the power of Chzo, rises up and slaughters his brother and father.

Throughout his short life, Matthew DeFoe remains unaware of the significance of the events surrounding him. He is an innocent pawn in Chzo's master plan.