Malcolm Somerset
Malcolm Somerset
Malcolm using the UV Ray in the Mephistopheles.
Vital statistics
Title "The Caretaker"
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Earth Federation
Appearances 7 Days a Skeptic, Trilby's Notes (Special Edition), 6 Days a Sacrifice
Malcolm Somerset (died February 3, 2386) is the main character in 7 Days A Skeptic. He was stationed on the ship Mephistopheles. He is a drop out of the university of Ganymede. He had murdered Jonathan Somerset (his father) to assume his identity and give him employment. 7 Days a Skeptic ended with Malcolm impaling the Welder's body on the ship's radio masts and throwing the Idol into the ships engine exhaust. After his ordeal with John Defoe, he was imprisoned under suspicions that he murdered the crew. During his imprisonment he became known as the Caretaker after killing himself with Frehorn's Blade, given to him by his future self. After becoming the caretaker he then travels through time to make the events that need to occur happen.

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