Jason is a minor character in the Chzo Mythos.


Jason appears only in Countdown 2 - the Soul, the second of three text adventures written as a teaser for 6 Days a Sacrifice. Jason is the boyfriend of the protagonist, Delia Reneaux, who is an initiate into the cult of Optimology, a front for the Order of Blessed Agonies. Jason is killed at her hands as part of her initiation two weeks prior to the events of Countdown 2. His death continues to haunt Delia in her dreams.

Jason is first encountered "gagged and lashed to a chair" in a white, featureless "Assesment Room." He is described as "smart, handsome, and tolerant of your eccentricites." He appears unharmed, suggesting that he was not forced to be there. He also seems calm, perhaps beliveing it to be a "joke or sexual adventure."

Before killing him with the gun provided to her by the cultists, Delia may kiss Jason, prompting him to "[frown] at you, seeing the sorrow in your eyes."


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