Delia Reneaux is a minor character in the Chzo Mythos.


Delia is the protagonist of the text adventure Countdown 2 - the Soul, the second of three such games released by Ben Croshaw as teasers for 6 Days a Sacrifice. Delia is a new initiate to the Order of Blessed Agonies, having joined the fad religion Optimology, looking for direction in her life. When she was told about the true nature of the cult, Delia was even more interested, since she "had always regarded pain with a subdued fascination, even from childhood."

To complete her initiation, Delia is required to undergo the Agony of the Soul by killing her boyfriend, Jason. She does so and regrets this decision almost immediately. Her dreams are haunted by the memory of Jason and especially by the life they might have had together that is no longer possible. One night, while out for fresh air to clear her mind of such dreams, Delia meets a stranger (the Caretaker) in the garden courtyard of the Order's headquarters. The stranger requests an artifact in the Order's possession, the Frehorn's Blade, in return for escape from and protection against the cult, as well as atonement for her sins. Delia accepts the stranger's task.

After retreiving the blade, Delia is thanked by the stranger. When Delia asks about his promise, the stranger apologizes for deceiving her, but says: "the redemption you not in my, or anyone's, power to give. Evil like that, Ms. Reneaux, must be suffered for."

Fearing punishment from the Order, Delia escapes from the compound in a stolen car. She is later found "fatally crumpled up inside a wreck" six miles away.


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