Andrew Jarvis (A.J.)
AJ Running like a little sissy girl
AJ running at the beginning of 5DAS
Vital statistics
Title Title
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation Ministry of Occultism
Appearances 5 Days a Stranger

Andrew Jarvis, or "A.J." (mid-late 1950s - July 24/25, 1993) was a minor character in award-winning freeware adventure game 5 Days a Stranger. He is also briefly mentioned in the Fullyramblomatic short story "Trilby and the Ghost," and a character bearing his name appears in the FPS design document, "No Experience Necessary."


Jarvis was a junior investigator for the secretive government branch known as the Ministry of Occultism and, based on Trilby's description of Ministry of Occultism protocol, it can be assumed that he was dispatched to the DeFoe Manor in order to confirm supernatural activity, but found himself unable to exit due to the intervention of Wraith John DeFoe. Fellow captive Philip Harty states that he was the first 5 Days a Stranger's five central characters to arrive at the manor.

Events of '5 Days a Stranger'Edit

Jarvis is the first character encountered by the player character, famed cat burgler Trilby. Assuming the masked thief to be the ghost said to haunt the house, Jarvis runs away in fear. At some point after this, he is killed. Developer commentary of 5 Days a Stranger states that he was killed by Philip Harty, possessed by John DeFoe. His corpse, which was hidden in the DeFoe Manor pool, was discovered by Trilby during his second day in the manor. Though not stated, it is implied that the hole Philip was digging during the second day was to dispose of AJ's corpse rather than treasure hunting as he had originally claimed.




  • A.J. Has the least amount of lines in the series, with only one to his name.
  • A character named AJ appears in Chzo Mythos creater Ben Croshaw's "ideal FPS," "No Experience Necessary." This character also works in a secretive organization, this time known as "The Company." It should also be noted that the protagonist of "No Experience Necessary" is named Richard DeFoe.

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