A History Of The DeFoe Family: Volume VII is a book found in the library of DeFoe Manor in 5 Days A Stranger. It details the life of Sir Roderick DeFoe up until the point of his disappearance. It has a blue cover and can be found on the bottom shelf of the leftmost bookcase.


Roderick DeFoe, later Sir Roderick DeFoe, is probably the most famous of the lineage. Using a lot of the inheritance he attained when his parents died suddenly, he embarked on a series of adventures throughout the globe, earning quite a reputation as a colonial explorer.

He retirede from adventuring at the age of 40 when he met his future bride, Belinda Rothman, and fell instantly in love. He built a luxury manor in the English countryside, and the couple moved in as soon as work was complete.

By all accounts, the couple were deliriously happy, which is what made Belinda's sudden death, while giving birth to their only son Matthew, all the more tragic.

Sir Roderick was in mourning for a long time, leaving the upbringing of Matthew in the hands of numerous nannies and tutors. When he finally did start taking an interest in his son, he was known to be bitterly disappointed as his son rejected the idea of joining the army, preferring to pursue art and literature.

As Matthew neared the age of 15, however, he and his father seemed to grow closer. They didn't always see eye to eye, but they seemed to understand each other, and offer unconditional love.

And then, on Matthew's 15th birthday, he and Roderick disappeared. A servant found bloodstains in one of the rooms, but no bodies were found. The fate of Sir Roderick and his wayward son remains a mystery to this day, the first of many mysterious disappearances connected to the DeFoe line and the family house.